What should clients be asking us?

Hey guys, Captain Matt here with Johnny from Stay Off the Roof out in Phoenix, Arizona area. I’ve been at the Lighting Mastermind with Johnny, it’s been great talking. He’s been doing Christmas and landscape lighting for a long time, I’ve learned so much from him and right now for Christmas he is booked up solid. If you do want Christmas lights you should call him, start talking to him now, maybe there’s something you can work out in the future, or there’s some permanent landscape lighting he can do for you. So Johnny, what is the one question you wish all your clients asked you when they first called you? Like what’s that question that you know that they should be asking? “How much is it going to cost me?” Well that’s what they do ask though, right? “No, that usually comes a little later.” Oh okay do you want to tell them what an average landscape lighting job costs from Stay Off the Roof? “With landscape lighting we’re typically looking at about one to three percent of your home’s value.” Awesome well there you go, when you’re ready to transform your yard and you live out in Phoenix, Arizona area give Johnny at Stay Off the Roof a call.