This guy is legend in the Christmas decorating world!

Hey guys, Captain Matt here with Chris A from Light Up Columbus in Ohio. I think you all know Chris, he’s legendary in the Christmas world, he does amazing landscape lighting, I’ve seen his work, it’s good stuff. I’ve been able to spend a couple days here at the Lighting Mastermind with him. Chris is Christmas still a thing? Can people still contact you? 

“We definitely have limited options for holiday lighting in central Ohio, but there’s still a few spots on the schedule where we’re entertaining some new projects.” Awesome, and for landscape lighting? You guys, you have to see his work. It’s off the charts great. How long does that process take? So, if I want to get my landscape lighting done, how long should I plan in advance to make sure I get a hold of you?

“It depends on where you are in the schedule and in the season, you know? Once we have a commitment from you you’re usually booked out about a month before we get to work? A month, awesome, so again Light Up Columbus if you’re in Ohio give Chris a call and light up your life.