Lighting is better than pest control.

Hey guys, Captain Matt here with Travis and Chelsea from Silver Bells Lighting out in Boise, Idaho. They do an awesome job for Christmas lighting, they do all sorts of decorating, everything. So, if you need Christmas stuff give them a call if you’re in that area. They also do awesome landscape lighting, that’s how I met these guys through lighting mastermind. We’re here doing all sorts of landscape lighting stuff. Travis, what made you get into lighting?

“We were trying to fulfill a gap in our career. We owned a pest control company and from September to April we had this big gap where we didn’t do anything. So we got bored of that pretty quick and we decided that our buddy in southern Utah did Christmas lights, we said if he can do it we can do it, so we just did it as a side gig yeah and it exploded. We had no idea, sold our pest control company and just went full time with the lighting.” There you go, lighting is better than pest control 

“It is!” Travis says it is. Travis and Chelsea at Silver Bells Lighting in Boise, Idaho give them a call if you’re in that area, thanks guys.