Captain Matt here to talk about The Pink Ribbon Project

Captain Matt here with The Christmas Guys, Elfperts Inc., Barefoot Lighting. Why do I say all three? Because it must be confusing to you, it’s a little confusing to me, but people don’t want to hear the word Christmas when it’s not Christmas time. So, anyway just want to talk to you a little bit about The Pink Ribbon project. We were able to do some cool things with Christmas Land out in Altamont, they have a pink ribbon garden out there, it’s like a garden shaped like a ribbon. We were able to go out there and be a part of that opening ceremony I think it was three years ago maybe four I don’t know two years back, but that was another thing there’s a bunch of, you know, sponsors there breaking ground on it, and I just really want to encourage everybody whether you know you have a company or just you can find some free time to get out there and and give some of your talents or energy to help somebody else in need because it really makes you reflect on yourself and it can change your life.