Captain Matt talks about the problems with landscape lighting demos.

The problems with demos, I’m Captain Matt with Barefoot Lighting, Elfperts Inc., Christmas Guys. Now, with demos when we come to your house and we give you a live presentation of our lighting, some of the things and, our vision for your property with real lights on your property. You can actually see what it’s going to look like before moving forward with the project. Now, the problem with the demo is we can only do one a day, and so many times I’ve wasted my time doing a demo for somebody who was never going to close. Now, that’s not their fault, that’s my fault but that’s the problem with the demo many times when we qualify we’ll tell the person this is our average and they’re down for whatever and then we go into a demo and all of a sudden they’re not down for it. So, that is the problem with demo. People, when we give you averages and minimums those are real those are not made up. So, if you’re not comfortable with that budget, I’m totally okay and I understand. We are not for everybody, we have a very limited time we are a boutique lighting company, we are not trying to do every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there so we have to focus our efforts, and our time, and our talent on people who are looking for that next level lighting and not simply just looking for some spotlights that that blind you every time you walk out your door, or make it look like an FBI raid is about to happen at your house. That’s not us, that’s not what we do. So, that’s the problem with demos is that sometimes people think as long as they get me there or get one of my guys there that they can somehow get a lower price, because I don’t know why, and if I did that’d be great, if you know why let me know. Anyways, Captain Matt, that is one of the problems with demos and I’ll talk to you soon.