How to see Gemstone lights IRL

Hey guys Captain Matt here. Just got done doing the Exit 10 loop, if you’re coming north on 87 get off, take a left if, you’re coming south take a right. You can see five places that have Gemstones installed all within like four or five minutes of each other. So you get off the exit boom, Northway Church, tonight they’re 100% bright or warm white. Keep going down Ushers Road you can see the house on the hill on Northeast Lane that had Easter eggs on. Keep going down Ushers Road, Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic, they had Ukraine pride on. Keep going down Burning Bush Boulevard, there’s a house that had two lights of warm whites on, five off. Then go down to Classic Crust, they forgot to set a timer so their lights weren’t on, so I turned them on for them, I think I put it on warm white for the picture. It’s really fun to get off Exit 10 you can see five different houses, so if you’re on the fence about Gemstones or you want to see what they look like in more than just a picture, just hop off Exit 10 off of 87, it’s that simple. Alright goodnight guy