What we do when replacing existing lighting.

Hey guys Captain Matt here, just want to go over what I do when clients have existing lighting. So some clients already have existing lighting, maybe some of the lights are out, they’re just not great, and they just want us to replace fixtures. Well I don’t recommend this, it is something that some people want to do for budget reasons. The reason I don’t recommend it is because replacing the fixture, I can’t warranty that fixture because we’re just using the existing wiring, the existing transformer, we don’t know what kind of shape the wire is in underneath the ground, the connection points, etc. However I just want to go over this with you, so as you can see here, well maybe if you can read my mind, but this client has a pool, a hot tub, and a rock wall. So basically I’m just mapping out what they currently have. So in this right here they have four up lights, four path lights, one well light, and two special lights that they have on one of their fences. Now that special light just means it’s not a normal light, it’s a specialized fixture. This is the same house just keeps going because I can’t fit them all in one thing, so I kind of phase it out in my head, what is going to be where. So back here they have three path lights and three up lights. Then this is the backyard, they have currently four up lights and one path light, and then I just make a total current of what they have. This client has eight up lights, however four of those were not lit, meaning four of them were broken. Now this client specifically told me that those lights come in and out, so sometimes they’re on sometimes they’re off, which automatically lets me know that there is a connection issue somewhere down the line, whether it’s right there at the light, or at a hub, or a junction box, I don’t know. That is one of the concerns about using existing wiring, and because you have to use whatever connection points the people before you used. Anyway, I just wanted to quickly show you one of these maps of existing lighting when we’re looking to either replace or enhance what they currently have.