Hey, guys Captain Matt here I want to talk a little bit about the wire that we use for landscape lighting.

Here is a black wire this is what typically comes from manufacturers for their landscape lighting wire. I’m going to show you the same gauge wire but has different sheathing on it, you can see how thick this is compared to the black one, so much thicker. It’s better, it’s more durable right, it’s less likely to break, and if it is ripped it wouldn’t get down to the copper. Also the black wire these manufacturers make, this wire the black one they use a lot of recycled stuff so there’s actually some nut oils in it and that’s why chipmunks and squirrels and everything like that are so drawn to them because it smells like food so they’re chewing on them, chewing on the wire! The wiring I use is 100% virgin so there are no nut oils, there’s nothing like that in it so animals are much less likely to chew through them. Now they may chew through them anyway but they’re less likely to and that is just one of the extra things that we do better, it’s future-proofing, we’re trying to make it so you don’t have as many calls to us and we don’t have to go out there to fix something that an animal chewed. So anyways Captain Matt here talking a little bit about landscape lighting wiring talk to you guys soon