Why Captain Matt has coaches and mentors.

Captain Matt here, wanted to quick talk to you about coaches and mentors, or trainers. Now I know there’s a lot of shenanigans that go on in the coaching world and the mentoring world, but what I can tell you is that I tried to do it for so long by myself or with my partner, and what a difference it made when I finally was willing to invest my time and my money into somebody else who is at least one chapter ahead of me, who has been here and done that and can lead and guide me and be willing to. Now a mentor and a coach are completely different a mentor is there to be your mentor, they’re going to teach you some things, they’re going to rip you apart sometimes, but they’re gonna really take you on as their project so that they can see you succeed. While a coach is going to coach you along because they’ve been where you’ve been, maybe it’s in business, maybe it’s in your personal life, or in your marriage, with your children, but I recommend both. I have mentors and I have coaches, I have a landscape lighting coach, I have a landscape lighting mentor, I have a business coach, I have a business mentor, and that’s all from 2021. What a difference this year has been with these strong personalities in my life that have been where I am now and that are at a place that I am hoping to achieve. So do not be afraid to spend money on coaches and mentors, as long as you’re willing to put in the work and obviously that you get along with them, and then you’re gonna have a good personal relationship with them so that when they tell you to do something you’re actually going to listen and implement it into your life. Anyways that’s Captain Matt’s spiel on coaches and mentors, talk to you guys later.