Playing with electricity and water again!

Captain Matt here, wanted to run a few tests with low voltage, this is the Gemstone light system. Now all the connections and everything are water tight, so every time we snap on the light they’re watertight. Well we’re just running some tests, here’s the direct power line stripped wire, you see the copper. – Still nothing, nothing at all happening. If you touch them together it’ll trip right? Well, check this out, it tripped. The system’s smart enough to try to restart itself. – Oh wait what happened? Boom. Smart enough to come back on to the last setting, so that’s really cool. It just goes to show you how how awesome this is, outside and low voltage. So again, you can grab both sides, it’s not going to hurt you it’s only low I think this is about 12 volts, we all used to lick the 9 volt batteries as a kid, don’t recommend that this time, this is not nine volt flavored. That’s with the Gemstones, I’m gonna try also now with some regular c9 Christmas lights and see if they’re if they trip with that.