How implementing discovery stacks helped Captain Matt

Captain Matt back with another video, again talking about another stack, or another journal entry. Part of the Wake Up Warrior program and it’s called the discovery stack, and I love them. Basically a discovery stack is you take a little sentence or a little parable that you’re reading, or you heard, and then you take that little thing and you break it down into so much more and really extract some learning from it. I think what i’ve seen is most powerful is that when I went to first meet my illumination mentor, as an illumination artist is that I took a bunch of notes I actually typed them up on my phone I was sending myself facebook messages and then when I got home I took each individual facebook message and I did a full-blown discovery stack on it, and then I sent that entire book to my team. You can tell the team members who read it versus who didn’t because they already know that much more about landscape lighting and the art and the science of illumination. So what I love about discovery stacks is again you’re just taking this little tidbit, and it’s amazing when when you have this little tidbit and you focus some 10-20 minutes on that little bit, and it’s guided, they ask you certain questions, the amount of information that you can just pull off there and then it asks you “how can how can you see it applying to you your business? how can you implement it? what do you think it’ll change?” things like that. It is a very powerful experience when you dedicate yourself to doing it over and over again rather than just once or twice. That’s a discovery stack, whether you’re part of Wake Up Warrior or not I really recommend writing, or typing, or whatever, but getting down your notes and then really expanding on them, not just what they are but how would you use them in your business or your life today, and what would the results be if you were doing that. Alright that’s me, Captain Matt, I’m out.