Captain Matt answers “What is a Landscape Lighting Demo?”

Captain Matt with Barefoot Lighting here. I want to talk to you about what is a demo? The lighting demo is done at night, or in the wintertime it can be done like a four, but it’s done in the dark, well done right before dark. We meet with you, we walk your property, we make it a good time. A lot of times I bring drinks, you’ll see some maybe some corona lights there for you, or some rum drinks, it’s really a whole thing, it’s a whole vibe. I know some people haven’t been comfortable with that, well I’m letting you know now that’s what we do so if you’re not comfortable with it we’re not a good fit, let’s not waste each other’s time. We are a good time company that’s what we’re selling is the vibe that we’re going to give to you, that backyard resort vibe, and at a resort you’re on vacation, you’re enjoying yourself and you’re having drinks. That is what the is demo, and then you get to walk around with us at nighttime, there’s a dog, and see it all pretty and really see your yard, your property, your home literally transformed that night. Then we take pictures and, we you know we put it all into a proposal form. Now, some demos are free and some demos you need to pay us, some of my guys if you want to get some of my project managers they can do small demos for free, but when I come out and I do the whole full-blown demo, with the cooler, the hat, and the whole thing that’s a lot of my time that has to be devoted to that just even getting ready for it. So the demos that do cost money, once you close on which phases that you’d like to do, that goes towards the purchase. This way it just kind of helps us not waste each other’s time by putting a little skin in the game on both sides. Anyways, Captain Matt, that is what a demo is for our landscape lighting, Barefoot Lighting, I’ll talk to you soon.