Here’s a glimpse of ours.

Captain Matt I’m gonna hear him talking about Barefoot lighting processes. Some guys are asking so this is pack out staging, everything is labeled, case three, case four. So, we have these Milwaukee cases they all get loaded up. On top is paperwork, this one’s just waiting, there’s a couple light bulbs that we got in it for that. We got the paperwork that’s in each one which tells them exactly where all the lights are going which lights are going where, and this has been really great because you can just give it to the guys they can wheel it out, they know it’s all packed in there. They have a bucket they can carry around, they also have their own pack out kits. This has been really a good way for us to streamline it in terms of everyone knows where all the lights are going and they have an easy to grab thing knowing that everything is in there. I’m curious, what do you guys do on your landscape lighting jobs, what’s your process like?