The Story Behind Our Name and Slogan.

Captain Matt here with a video on why we are called Barefoot Lighting and where that came from. It’s kind of twofold, so I do live a lot of my warmer months just completely barefoot, I enjoy it, it feels good, so there was that. I went to California when I really learned illumination and being barefoot is a different mindset, when you think of “barefoot” you’re not thinking that you’re working, you’re not thinking you’re walking down the streets, you’re either on the beach, you’re on vacation, you’re enjoying yourself, so the name really kind of encompassed that vibe of the feeling we went for. Then where it says “We’ll Knock Your Socks Off”, so what that came from one of my project managers was trying to talk to a guy about some lighting and really the guy’s wife wasn’t home at the time so I said to my project manager “listen if it’s the right product for them, which I believe it is, he’s going to close. You just have to have more confidence and make sure that he knows he’s getting the right guy for the job”. So he went there and I met him for the very first time, and I had a pair of like vanity socks  that had flamingos on it, or cigars, but some pair of dress socks, and I introduced myself to him and I said

 “Have you seen this product before?” 

he said “no” 

I said “well great, these are for you” and I handed him the socks. He looked at me with confusion and I said “because I’m about to knock your socks off.” and he chuckled, he laughed, and fast forward we left that day with a check for the project. That’s where the name Barefoot Lighting came from and the “We’ll Knock Your Socks Off” how that came about was kind of that joke to show my project manager that as long as you get to know the person, you’re fun, and they know you’re the right person for the job you’ll get it. Barefoot Matt barefoot man Captain Matt Barefoot Lighting, We’ll knock your socks off.