Captain Matt and Tommy Bahama.

Captain Matt here, a lot of people ask me why I wear the shirts I wear and the reason is twofold. One,  Tommy Bahama, I love how it feels, I love the linen, I do like the silk as well, I just love how they match up, but I’ve loved them even since I was in high school. I had tropical type shirts so it’s just something that I naturally enjoy wearing and I think I look good in them, so I wear them. What the benefit is, is because I wear them consistently, when the weather allows at least, is that it becomes a brand, right? Captain Matt is wearing the tropical shirts, the resort, he’s bright, so it helps as a brand. Then during Christmas time you see me in my ugly Christmas suit, and then when I do my business videos I’m in a dress shirt, why? Because first impressions matter, and if you can stand out for the right reasons, or for a reason that doesn’t make you an idiot or a loser. But if you can just stand out from amongst everybody else that helps you, right? It helps people pay attention to you, helps people listen to you, wants to get to know you a little bit, like when I went to one of the chamber events I was the only one who came in Tommy Bahama and white shorts, just as me it’s Captain. Everybody wanted to talk to me because I stood out, I stood out for a reason that people just had to know like “why is this guy wearing that?”, and I was able to talk to them about backyard resorts, and instant vacations by opening up your back door. So anyways those are some of the reasons I wear my shirts, mainly because I like them, and they have the added benefit of becoming part of the brand, you know I have people that drive by my office say “hey you’re that guy in the shirts, aren’t you?”. So anyway, that’s a little bit about the shirts I wear, if you care and I know some of you that do. Talk to you soon.