Talk to your landscapers about your landscape lighting.

Hey guys, I’m out here at a client’s property in Vermont, beautiful property. We’ve now done  three phases for him for landscape lighting, and I’m out here checking some things. He had a light that I needed to adjust correctly because of the Wi-Fi issues. We’ve tested out a new Wi-Fi setup with some new controllers that allow us to actually split the power after the transformer, so we can actually have as many zones we want that are controlled separately from a Smart Life app. So, I’m here messing with that. Got to the manufacturer because the app’s acting weird, um so do the support team on that, just wanted to show this one thing here quickly. When you have landscapers tell them to be more careful with the landscape lighting, you’re paying a lot of premium money here to light up your property and they’re hitting these things with lawn equipment, right? Broke that screw right in half. So that’s the kind of stuff you gotta be careful with in terms of getting an amazing landscape lighting portrait installed. Landscape people don’t generally care about the lights, so talk to them and let them know “Hey listen, I got a lot of money invested in this, please be careful around and take a few extra minutes to make sure it’s good so that that doesn’t happen”. Alright guys, I’ll talk to you later.