Captain Matt here with a video to talk about the importance of lighting,

Many times we show up for landscape lighting people are just expecting “oh i want you know a spotlight on my tree”. I’m using this video as an example, one, see the shadow behind me? you know is that good is that bad? I guess it depends on what the purpose of the video is. i’m gonna show you the importance of lighting, and I don’t need to talk really anymore. I’m gonna go ahead and shut off my camera light – what a difference that made! I’m gonna go ahead and shut the room light off – what a difference that made! Now, with these phones as you can see there’s that small second where it made me brighter, there’s also a window behind me so there is some natural light coming in. That’s the importance of lighting, you would never buy a house with a room that didn’t have a light in it, because without light there is no space. That is the importance of lighting.