Captain Matt here, going to talk about the power of a demo and why we do them sometimes.

So a demo allows you to see what our vision of lighting is going to look like in real life versus just dots on a paper that you’ll see sometimes. This is us bringing actual lights actual bulbs and putting them on your actual property and your trees, and you get to see the difference. And you know we’ll move around you’ll get to see how the shadowing changes and that that you never want just one light on a tree, unless it’s a very thin tree, but rule of thumb is you don’t ever want just one light. This is not because we’re just trying to use more lights and and sell you more lights, this is because we’re giving you the lighting project that you deserve. You know maybe you can get other companies out here to give you a level eight level nine maybe even a level 10 lighting project but you deserve level 11, the next thing right? Because it takes more, learning something is great you can do great things with it, but when you continue to learn it and immerse yourself into it, and study it, and find out new products and find out new things guys are doing, and actually testing new theories to see what happens. That’s what you want in the guy you’re hiring to do your landscape lighting. Let’s be honest if you want the job done, if you want to transform your backyard into a backyard oasis, you put the time you put the work you put the money into your backyard to make it gorgeous make it beautiful, you want to call it called me, Captain Matt or the barefoot lighting team, so that we can actually give you the lighting that you deserve versus just lighting, because you can get just lighting just about anywhere. I’m Captain Matt, i’ll talk to you soon.