The difference between lighting can make to your outdoor space.

Captain Matt here, wanted to talk to you about lighting design and what the difference is between like lighting contractors, or just putting a light in the ground and actually designing a portrait for you, a living illumination portrait of your property. So I will ask you when I meet you, or one of my designers meet you, “how do you use your property right now now?”. It is something that we take into consideration, but in all honesty it doesn’t really matter how you use it right now because once we design the project and is installed it’s going to change how you use your property. It changes it every single time because there’s so many areas in your yard that you will not be able to conceive of actually using it, like “why would it be there what would be the purpose there”, but as the lighting portrait will draw your eyes to your house and also draw your eyes to different destinations in your property. It’s more than just your patio, more just your pool, if you have a gazebo that should be lit up because that will encourage people to utilize it all night, not just during the day and also, there might be a corner of your yard that you’re not even using right now. You think it’s ludicrous to even think about, however when it’s properly illuminated all of a sudden it’s not scary over there and then you can go bar hopping or wine hopping right in your backyard little bistro table, some yard art, and really make it a new cozy space. Even, additional living space for you outside that you’ll be able to utilize and separate yourself, so you’ll have your your grilling section, your your patio section, your hangout where the kids play and everything, and then maybe a little spot where you and your husband, or you and your wife, can go have a morning coffee or go have an evening cocktail and talk about your day. That is the beauty of a lighting portrait and lighting design done right, it not only accentuates everything that you have right then and there but it opens up your mind to utilize more of the space that you already own. Captain Matt, I will talk to you soon.